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OmniGive is a workplace giving platform that connects businesses of all size and their employees with good causes, building employee engagement at work and with the community. With our full support, you can create a better world and stronger businesses altogether! Our mission is to empower every business in Asia to build their own CSR programs with turnkey solutions and technology that connect their employees with the world’s most important causes.

OmniRaise, our parent company, is the fastest growing fundraising agency in Asia that has been helping charities raise vital funds for their causes since 2018. We have raised over 30M dollars for our charity partners. Our operations span across Asia Pacific (Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong).

OmniGive helps your business to set up Workplace Giving program that allows your employees an opportunity to make regular donations directly to charities. Simply, employees choose a charity of interest and donation amount to give on monthly basis, while employer can match employees’ donations to boost the impacts!

After program launch, donation can be made anytime, anywhere – either at launch or on this online platform, accessed through the unique link distributed by your employer.

Once an employer has registered the program initiative, OmniGive team will take care of your Workplace Giving from start to end, from building strategy, marketing, activities, and to launch – for free!

From the launch event onwards, employees are invited to sign up to support a cause they are passionate – via the assistance of OmniGive team at launch or by yourself on online platform. You will stay connected with the charities as well as enjoy a wide range of privileges from our partners.

Go to our For Business page for more information on how to set up OmniGive, benefits, and why OmniGive for Workplace Giving.

Our service is totally free for employers – no hidden costs to set up Workplace Giving program with us. Sign up now.

Our team can provide complete range of branding solutions and promotional collaterals, from social posts, posters, emails and much more, to make your campaign stand out to employees, in harmony with your corporate branding. All communications would be branded to/with OmniGive branding for sign off. Usage of charity partners’ logos require further permission.

Request a demo to schedule our first step on how OmniGive can help you build your internal and external corporate branding.

OmniGive has helped companies across industries to set up Workplace Giving programs. Normally, it is highly suggested that HR professionals we worked with to conduct pre- and post-engagement survey to evaluate the result.

OmniGive team is ready to help with employers with their talent management strategy through Workplace Giving program. Go to our Contact Us page for enquiries or call us right away.

Around the world, employer surprises their company by giving the same amount of employee donation to double the collective funds.

At OmniGive, employer can establish your preferred budget with max cap. (e.g. 80% of the funding), and how frequently you want to match.

OmniGive establishes long-term partnership with companies to develop the most effective CSR program. After 6 months, relaunch event will be provided to grow your program to the fullest potential – creating new engagement and keeping it high with existing employees.

Employers will gain access to an Admin Page, allowing you to track your company progress on the collective contributions. So, you can regularly update relevant stakeholders on the programs ongoing success stories.

Employers will receive impact reports every 6 months, enabling you to have a closer look at what your employees care and the collective contributions to pivot the program to boost their engagement and to promote your first company impacts for the world!

Giving should be made easy and protected anywhere, anytime so your donations are spent on the emergencies and causes as timely as possible. Employee donors can make a donation with 3 simple steps – Go, Pick, and Sign up. Go to the unique link distributed by your employer, pick your charity of global interest and click ‘Donate now’, then enter your details & sign up in less than 2 minutes.

OmniGive.com our online platform is certified securing your personal data safe and confidential, powered by our global partner Evergiving PCI DSS level 1 compliant; with a pass threshold of 100%.

Yes! your donation is definitely tax-deductible with select charities and can proceed through standard tax deduction process at the beginning of year. To get the required tax receipt, donors only need to send their information once including

“Name, telephone number, and address” to the select charity’s email address:
• UNICEF: [email protected]
• SOI DOG: [email protected]

OmniGive was created on demand for charities to connect with employees, and for businesses that have visions but lacked the time, resources or rewards to effectively promote Workplace Giving CSR programs. So now you can get on with your business while we do the work for you.

Our service is totally free and flexible in scale. No matter what size of your business is – you’re all sincerely welcome! Sign up now.

We have the special option for you to select your own charities and set up with our full services, just like original OmniGive program. However, this option will require new charity set- up cost.For more information, please send us enquiry via [email protected] or contact us directly via +66 2012 5198 (Weekdays, 10.00 am – 6.00 pm)

At OmniGive, we work with internationally trusted harities. Our charity partners trust us, and we have contractual commitments to provide funds – audited on a monthly basis. Once donor finish the sign-up process, fund will be transferred directly to the selected charity.

The system is audited annually by independent auditors, on-site and with unrestricted access.

OmniGive Workplace Giving is one of the most effective way for charities; we provide reliable and long-term stream of funding with low cost operations. OmniGive as a shared platform for global charities means administrations costs for charities are significantly reduced. So, this allows employees’ funds to impact more with core causes.

With OmniGive, our charity partners can dedicate more time and resources towards their missions – Save the world!

If you are a Charity and would like to join the growing platform like OmniGive, please send us enquiry via [email protected] or contact us directly via +66 2012 5198 (Weekdays, 10.00 am – 6.00 pm).

OmniGive help you to connect with global charities in diverse cause areas: Animals & Environment, Disease, Overseas Aid, Human Rights, Children & Youth.

OmniGive works with the exclusive group of the most trusted charities yet diverse cause interests because we believe that the real impact is better sustained when our efforts are focused. And because every donation can make a difference, OmniGive as a platform want to maximize our support for them and are able to share the collective impact for your business.

All of our charity partners are the most committed organizations that provide ongoing meaningful impacts, fueled by their donors – their believers, to make a difference not only for the local projects across nations but also the global movements.

OmniGive receives the pre-allocated fundraising budget from our charity partners for marketing. This payment does not come from employees’ Workplace Giving donation. 

Charities choose to partner with OmniGive in part due to minimal administration costs. The fees we charge are significantly less than the cost for charities to raise the donation themselves.

We are able to minimise administration costs for both employers and our charity partners.

The charity will receive your donation directly after you finish the sign-up process through the given link by your company.

If your company chooses to match employee donations, the matching amount will be transferred right when the invoice is successfully paid, to combine with the collective impact funds.

OmniGive Workplace Giving is a flexible program. Employees can change their donation amount, add new charities, suspend or cancel their donations at any time directly via +66 2012 5198 (Weekdays, 10.00 am – 6.00 pm).

Online registration is 100% secure, powered by our global partner Evergiving with PCI DSS level 1 compliant. Independent and on-site audits with unrestricted access are conducted annually and every part of the platform needs to meet every single controls, policies, and procedures required by the DSS; with a pass threshold of 100%.


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