Why Employee Experience (EX) is Vital to Your Company Today?

Employee experience is more important than ever in today’s world. The newer generation of employees—just like customers—are focused far more on value experiences rather than materialistic things. Nowadays, employee experience is as important as competitive salary. That is why top companies like Facebook, Google or Amazon have invested in providing the best experience to attract […]

Why Workplace Giving Can Improve Employee Engagement

While it is true that monetary benefits can be a critical factor in employee engagement and retention, they are certainly not the only factor here. Most people might not know this, but workplace giving is actually one of the most important contributing factors to employee engagement. The psychological explanation behind this is that humans define […]

Six Secrets to Successful Workplace Giving Programs

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Driving Purpose-Driven Business During COVID-19

No one can deny the devastating impact of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic. Whether it be on businesses or households, it is clear that people are facing one of the difficult times in the history of the world. A significant spike in death toll, unemployment, and dying businesses are only among the long list of problems […]