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A Chance to Go to School

There are still thousands of children in hill tribe communities who don’t have access to quality education. Beginning in 2005, a UNICEF-supported survey by Mae Hong Son Education Service Area found that more than 1,000 children from the region’s hill tribes were not attending or never attended primary school because they lived too far from the nearest public school. They could not read books, write their names or do basic math. The initial findings led to surveys in other districts, all of which had similar findings. Nationwide, it is estimated that around 600,000 children aged 3-17 years old in Thailand are out-of-school. 

Hill Tribe School Project
– All children should have
access to quality education

A quarter of 6-year-old children from Mae Hong Son province never had access to primary school education. Huay Pla Kang school had been the nearest classroom they could attend, located in the forest. The remoteness of the hill tribes, in addition to inadequate roads, made it difficult and at times impossible to build proper facilities. For example, Rinlada (7) and Natthika (9) live 8 km away from the nearest classroom – too far for them to walk every day to school by themselves.

To give every child a fair chance, UNICEF brought schools closer to the children under the Hill Tribe School project “Yhom Baan schools” in partnership with education authority and local community.  At the beginning, schools were just simple buildings made of plank floors and partial bamboo walls, but they are offering the children in the area something they never had before – a primary school education.  UNICEF also supports the teachers’ salaries. Tawin Srikaew is one of the teachers that UNICEF supports; he rides to the forest every Monday to pick up children from home to school and send them home every Friday evening. Each ride takes almost two hours.

Today, there are more than 42 teachers in tribal communities taking care of over 1,000 children attending Yhom Baan schools located in 41 areas in Mae Hong Son province, operated by the Ministry of Education under a UNICEF-supported project.

Every Child Has the Rights to Education

UNICEF believes that we can support every child to have access to education equally no matter who they are. With your help, this means that 

Children can have a future through education – which is the key to reducing poverty and bridging the inequality gap in our society. Right now, over 1.4 million children in Thailand still live in poverty.

By providing access to quality education through various projects for children in remote areas of the country regardless of their background or nationality, UNICEF helps encourage and prepare these underprivileged children to stay in school.

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“Could support Hilltribe teacher’s salary for 5 months”*

Children attended class with tribe teacher at Yhom Baan school
Kru Tavill takes 2-hour rides to the forest almost everyday to pick up children from home
Children exercise, dance and sing together in their classrooms due to limited resources in the hill tribe schools
Children wait for school to start at Yhom Baan School

UNICEF works in over 190 countries and territories to save children’s lives, to defend their rights and to help them reach their full potential, from early childhood through adolescence. Over the past seven decades since UNICEF first began their work in Thailand, the well-being of children in Thailand has significantly improved, from nutrition and household sanitation to providing clean drinking water and safe facilities in rural areas.

Yet, disparities have also increased drastically, spurring new challenges for children. As the conditions have changed, UNICEF’s work has changed. And we never give up. Our activities have expanded to also include the importance of early childhood development, adolescent health and participation, quality education and the protection of every child.

*UNICEF is charitable organization No. 315 in the Ministry of Finance’s official list. Your contribution is tax deductible.

*It is UNICEF core purpose to meet the pressing and actual needs of children. In some circumstances, we may need to replace funds on other projects that are needed to save children’s lives in Thailand and around the world. Please be assured that your contribution will make a difference.

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