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Right now, forests are disappearing at the rate of one football pitch in every 25 seconds. This is bigger than we think – destroying forests risks all life on earth.  

We’ve lost 50% of Orangutan population for the last 20 years due to loss of habitat or being burnt in forest fires – to clear land for planting. Malaysian-owned Genting Group was found to be among the top ten companies listed as having the greatest burned areas on their land in Indonesia.

And did you know clearing forests could also cause the next pandemic? Before COVID 19, we saw the devastating impact of the Nipah virus. Smog from Indonesian forest fires reached Malaysia and forced fruit bats onto mango farms. It crossed from the bats, the host of the disease, into farmers, causing hundreds of deaths from rapid encephalitis, with a staggering mortality rate of 40 per cent!



We need our forests. Not only do they soak up huge amounts of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas. They literally are the lungs of the earth giving us half our oxygen and help fight climate change – so Greenpeace is fighting for change.

Greenpeace has formed the Forest Fire Prevention (FFP) team in 2016 to give their 100% in fighting for Indonesian forests. The team also works with communities in affected area, mapping and monitoring hot spots, building new water canals then monitoring them, introducing fire prevention techniques at schools, and many other activities. 

We are also putting pressure on palm oil companies and those funding them to take responsibility for their plantations in Malaysia and internationally as well as calling for Malaysian government to stop the cause of problem by taking strict penalties on any violations. 

In 2017, Greenpeace successfully campaigned against HSBC who was financing forest destruction for palm oil with a mock cheque to the value of 228,434 signatures of dissatisfied Malaysian to “Stop Funding Forest Fires in Indonesia”


We need to act now – before it’s too late. 

We only have the next 10 years to stop climate change, and forests are key. And our health is at stake if we continue the burning.

Together, we can help stop deforestation, forest degradation and restore forests to protect life on earth. 


Please join Greenpeace us today to help fight for the future of our forests.

With only RM 2.5 a day,

you CAN make a difference in our planet.

Together, we can achieve even more each year!


“Can stop deforestation, forest degradation and restore forests to protect life on earth, 5 times more impacts than ever”

Smog from Indonesian forest reached Malaysia, causing rapid deathly diseases
Greenpeace's Forest Fire Prevention team to fighting for Indonesian forests
Successful campaign against HSBC to Stop Funding Forest Fires in Indonesia
We need to act now to restore forests - restore life

With 27 offices covering 55 countries, Greenpeace works directly with communities on the frontlines as they protect the environments they call home. Having been present in Southeast Asia since 2000, the region’s forests, mountains, rivers and oceans are home to millions of people and thousands of species. But today, much of these are under threat from climate change, deforestation, pollution and unsustainable industrialized agriculture. Southeast Asia’s rapid industrialization and economic success has come at a heavy price.

Over 20 years of environmental investigations, scientific research, reports and lobbying efforts marked with dramatic, non-violent direct actions have propelled our campaigns to bring about critical change in attitudes of government and corporations and have helped us achieve important victories in our campaign to protect the environment.

Greenpeace is the only global environmental charity that accepts no government donations so we can maintain a much needed independent voice, but it means we rely on individual supporters like you to fund our work.

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